How To Respond To An Annual Fund Objection
Free Objection Script
Test A Piece Of The Million Dollar
Annual Fund Script
Use This Script To Manage One Of The Most Difficult Moment
In Any Solicitation 
Used By Professionals & Consultants
Help Your Team And Key Volunteers
Accelerate Your Annual Fund
Best training ever for any solicitation. Fun, engaging, to the point and easy to grasp. We use it everyday. Great for staff and volunteers.

Keith Barrett
Director of Development
Proctor Academy
Andover, NH
"Million Dollar Annual Fund" is a super easy way to gain the skills  -- and the essential confidence -- to begin to immediately raise more support for your organization. As soon as I started using these techniques and asked a parent for $5,000 on the phone and got a yes, I was sold. For over 15 years, I have continued to use this approach with my teams with great results. The truth is, everyone is better for it: the solicitor is more skilled and sure-footed. The donor is treated respectfully. The games and insecurity are over. Your organization and its mission are the ultimate winners. 

Barbara Barron
Advancement Consultant
San Francisco CA
Excellent training for my team and key volunteers. Effective for the novice and solid skill sharpening for experienced professionals.

Jedd Whitlock
Director of Development
Hopkins School
New Haven, CT 
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